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Upload new document
Upload new document

Uploading documents into Knowlex is fast and easy. Just drag your file, choose who to share it with, select a category and tags and done.

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To upload a new file, simply click the "upload button" on the top right corner of the screen. 

Then drag and drop the file on to the cloud symbol.
Or click the "browse" button to select the file on your computer/device.

Next, you decide "who can view your document".

  • Me (only yourself)

  • Members of one or more Specific organization(s)

  • Public (all Knowlex users)

In case of "Specific organization", a list of organizations will be shown.
Only organizations you started or were invite to will be shown.
one or multiple organizations

Fill in a description (optional), select the category and define tags (Optional).

Note: when uploading a document to "Public", every Knowlex user can view your document. 

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